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How is your business performing?

This workbook will help you take a high level view of your business to make data-driven decisions.

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Data Driven Business at Every Stage

Start Off Right

If you are just starting your business, I will help you find the right topics, conduct market research, and set up your analytics!

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Build Your Business

Based on your business data, lets find the best products for you to create and the best marketing tactics.

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Scale Your Business

Lets examine the current health of your business, future projections, and how to increase your profit.

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Personalized Recommendations From Your Data!

 After graduating with my PhD, I started my own business to help other graduate students. While I sought out business coaching, I found that many coaches could not give me personalized recommendations for my business. Coaches teach what made them successful, which while important, may not necessarily work for your business.

Therefore, I started using my analytics skills from my PhD to grow my business. My goal is to help other online business owners, like you and me, understand their own data to make data driven decisions to grow their business.

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Types of Analytics Services



What marketing efforts are worth your time?  How can you leverage your marketing further?

Lets dive into your marketing analytics and make data driven decisions to grow your business!

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Products, Services, and Sales

Etsy...Online Courses...Coaching....Services...

What new products should I create next? Which products should I keep? What services should I add?

Lets dive into your marketing and sales analytics to determine your best next steps to increase your revenue!

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Is my business growing? Should I add or remove expenses? How will my business grow in the future?

Lets dive into your financial data so we can track your business growth, project future income, and increase profit!

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Don't know where to start?

Get my Business Analytics Audit Workbook to quickly get a look at the current state of your business!